How our services work.

Fixed Wireless is the process of enabling communications between two locations, using a radio as a wireless link.
A radio placed on top of any business connects to X1’s closest access point. The data is transferred between radios using passwords and encryption to ensure fast and secure data transfer.
We own our entire network, unlike our wired competitors.
X1 does not rent wires to reach your business. Since we are not beholden to those companies, we can guarantee 99.99% uptime.
X1 Security
X1 uses AES 256 Encryption - the same level of security as the Dept. of Defense.
X1 Weather
Our network lives on the 5Ghz bandwidth which is not effected by weather.
X1 99.99% uptime
No Contracts, no equipment to buy and no wires. Just secure solid service.
Fixed wireless technology is a more secure and reliable way to transmit data.
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What is Fixed Wireless (W.I.S.P.) ?
Is this Technology Reliable & Secure?
Is Wireless as fast as DSL or Cable?
Does Bad Weather Affect the Signal?
No Set-up Fees or Equipment to Buy?
How large is the Dish?
What if I have Service Issues?
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